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Pet Frogs & Insects ✅

Updated: Apr 22

Requires: Outdoor Retreat (for Bugs), Base Game (for Frogs)

Contains script file: Yes

What Does This Mod Do?

This mod introduces a delightful twist to your Sims 4 gameplay by allowing collectible bugs and frogs to become beloved pets. You can care for them, interact with them, and even build unique bonds with these tiny critters.

Acquiring Your Pet Frog or Bug

No need to chase them in the wild anymore. With this mod, you can conveniently purchase pet frogs and bugs online via your in-game computer. Once purchased, they will appear in your Sim's inventory, ready to be cherished.

Caring for Your Tiny Companions

Taking care of your new little pets is crucial to ensure their well-being:

  • Feeding: Keep them well-fed by providing food when they are hungry.

  • Health: Administer medicine when they aren't in good health.

  • Kindness: Treat them with kindness, avoiding rudeness, to earn their trust.

  • Bonding: As you build bonds with your pets, unlock more social interaction options.

The Surprising Outcomes of Bonding Bonding with your pet frog or bug can be an adventure in itself. There's a chance that something extraordinary might happen:

Princess Transformation: In some cases, you might be transformed into a princess temporarily. As a princess, you'll enjoy royal treatment in the presence of other Sims.

Frog Transformation: Alternatively, you might turn into a frog temporarily. As a frog, you might scare Sims and receive poor reactions from them.

Dealing with Unfortunate Outcomes:

Sometimes, things don't go as planned. If your bonding efforts with your pet frog or bug don't yield the desired results, remember that you did your best. When the time comes, you can bid your pet a heartfelt farewell by organizing a small funeral for them.


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Ensure the mod script is not deeply nested in folders for proper functionality.


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