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Special Holidays

Updated: Apr 22

Requirements: Seasons

Note: This mod works only on new save files, and new households, since current save files have already fully loaded the calendar.

  • This mod adds 8 new holidays and 3 surprise holidays.

  • All holidays can be edited and adjusted in-game to your liking.

  • This mod will conflict with any other premade holidays mod since it overrides the calendar.


  1. Summerfest - The ultimate celebration of sun, fun, and outdoor activities, where Sims come together to enjoy a grand BBQ, refreshing drinks, and watch dazzling fireworks light up the night sky, sharing stories and embracing the party spirit.

  2. Familyfest - A time for Sims to cherish family bonds, gathering for a grand meal, sharing ancestor stories, and exchanging thoughtful gifts, focusing on the joy of being together with loved ones, whether traveling or enjoying home comforts.

  3. Wellness Day - Dedicated to self-care, health, and mental well-being, Sims cleanse their homes, decorate with soothing elements, and engage in relaxation and happiness activities, emphasizing physical and emotional health rejuvenation.

  4. Spookyfest - The celebration of all things eerie and mysterious, with Sims dressing up in frightful costumes, engaging in mischief, trick or treating, and sharing chilling stories, indulging in the supernatural's laughter and fright.

  5. Springfest - Celebrates life renewal and spring beauty, with Sims participating in egg hunts, sharing meals, engaging in water games, and enjoying the flower bunny's magic, symbolizing new beginnings.

  6. Parents Day - Honors Sim parents' dedication and love, marked by thankfulness, gift exchanges, and family gatherings in appreciation of parental care.

  7. Green Day - Focuses on environmental importance and eco-friendly living, with Sims gardening, promoting water conservation, and engaging in nature-embracing activities like streaking.

  8. Day of Grief - A solemn time for Sims to remember and honor lost loved ones, lighting candles, sharing meals, and telling stories in a day of reflection and community support.



These three surprise holidays will replace: Pirate day, battle royale, and prank day.


  1. Pizza Day - An excuse for Sims to indulge in their favorite cheesy delights, savoring pizza slices in various flavors in friends and family's company.

  2. Kids Day - Celebrates childhood joy and energy, with Sims of all ages engaging in playful activities, from toys and outdoor equipment to ice cream and cupcakes, filled with laughter and fun.

  3. Beer Day - A laid-back holiday where Sims enjoy the art of brewing and tasting various alcoholic beverages, raising glasses in a toast to relaxation and good company at local bars or backyard gatherings.


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Early Release All Tiers - March 14th

Public Release - March 21st - 12:00 EDT


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